Machine Control, Surveying, and Positioning Technology

Increasing profitability and decreasing your risk are more important now to your business than ever. As a full-line TopCon OEM dealership, Meade Tractor provides Machine Control and Positioning solutions to our customers. At all of our Tennessee and Kentucky Meade Tractor construction locations, we install Topcon grade control technology on additional manufacturer brands of earthworks equipment. But our job doesn't stop there. Our technology specialists provide continued support and solutions to our customers for maximum productivity, increased uptime, accuracy, and efficiency, including Topcon’s machine control and positioning technology.

Topcon Grading

Efficiently Make the Grade

Flatten the cure or precisely shape it.

Highly efficient rough and fine grading solutions. Maximize productivity and profit with 2D and 3D systems for bulldozers and motor graders. Tailor your solution to the way you work, whether that includes guidance or automatic control.

Topcon Excavation

Excavate Your Way

Guidance and automatic excavator systems keep you in control.

Accelerate excavation projects. Get more done from the cab. Need an indication of where to dig or when you are on grade? Do you prefer to be guided by a robotic total station, rotating laser or GPS? We have customizable solutions that fit your preferences and applications.

Topcon Hauling

Move the Earth...Profitably

Stay on track for the long- or short-haul

Mass hauling can be one of the most expensive and complicated aspects of earthmoving projects. Hauling solutions from Topcon are designed to plan earthworks projects and track on-site and off-site movement of materials.

Topcon Drilling

Stay on Point

Precision drilling guidance systems.

Stay productive and in the cab. Our flexible drill rig systems help you get straight to the point while reducing reliance on surveyors or other site personnel guiding you to the spot you need to drill.

Topcon Site Management

Set Up Jobs for Success

Prepare your site for the best possible outcome.

Make your mark, then make your move.

Topcon’s site work solutions help you plan, scan, measure and  level your job sites for accuracy, productivity and profitability.

A deep bench of great site work products

A long history of grading machine control and grade management
form the basis for a comprehensive slate of site work products.

Topcon Site Management

Keep Your Thumb on the Pulse of the Job

Topcon site management solutions keep visibility and productivity high while reducing project risk.

From assets to productivity, to risk, there's a solution

Flexible, powerful field and office solutions help you manage projects, fleet movement and site logistics.

Scalable choices for construction firms, large and small

Many years of development and field testing have produced site management products that deliver meaningful results for contractors worldwide.



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